The Importance of Choosing the Right Magnifier

focus-407244_640When choosing your magnifier you have many things to consider to ensure you get the right one for your needs, currently in store we have a large variety of different ones that are used for different purposes, and this is growing everyday.

I will explain to you which type is for which purpose so you can stay ahead of the game.

Some of the ones we currently stock are:

-Headband Magnifiers

-Handheld Magnifying Glass

-Magnifying Glasses

-Hands free Table Top

-Pocket and wallet style


The list goes on, lets first start with the headband style, this style is great for people really need to use it for hand free purposes, it is popular with people who work on circuit boats and often struggle when they need all of their hands for the job they are doing.

Handheld styled ones are for people that are looking to cover a bit more surface area and do not need both of their hands, they are great for using to inspect small objects and work efficiently when you need to move around the object to see it from different angles.

Magnifying glasses work similar to the headband style only they are in glasses format an go over your ears like your standard reading glasses, some people find that these are much more comfortable and are much lighter than the headband style, currently this style is our top selling style.

Hands free table top ones are for people who need to inspect objects on a table similar to using a microscope but with the extra portability, some of the styles we have in store can convert from a hand-held to a hand free table top, so you can use if for multi purpose projects.

One of our favorite products on-line is the pocket/wallet magnifier, this makes life so much easier, they fit directly in your wallet and you can take them with you with the added embarrassment of using it in public, they are the same size as a credit card and are great for reading restaurant menus and being discreet.

Sometimes when your eye site gets a bit sketchy, its often embarrassing using products in a public setting, that’s what makes this style so attractive to our customers

Most of our styles come with LED Lights so you can use them in dark settings or if you are partially blind it makes it much easier to read that novel or newspaper.

Loupes are perfect for people who are on the go, most of the people who purchase these in store usually work in the newspaper trade or similar professions where they need to check the integrity of products, but need something small enough to fit in the pocket and have a high strength magnification.

As you can see each product has its own use, and a lot of the time it comes down to personal preference on what you really need it for, if using it at home you can get away with whatever style you feel comfortable with, if in public the smaller loupe of credit card style is perfect for you.

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