People With Low Vision Using Magnifying Glass Set

mobile-630289_640Although hyperopia or farsightedness is typically genetic in nature, it also develops in adults as the lenses of their eyes age. Ailments such as eye tumors or retinopathy can also cause this problem. This problem restricts persons from viewing close objects properly, even though they can see distant objects clearly.

Other issues

Farsightedness also causes other problems such as tension, fatigue, a burning sensation around the eyes, and headaches… particularly after reading. While contact lenses can solve cases of mild hyperopia, they are unsuitable when the power is too high. It is the same with reading glasses too. Who would like to wear glasses with thick lenses, just for reading? Individuals can bypass this problem with the help of a magnifying glass.

Fear of permanent loss of eyesight

In case of normal vision, light entering the eyes focuses on the retina. In case of hyperopia, the light focuses behind the retina, leading to blurry vision when viewing objects from close quarters. Although this problem often occurs during early childhood, the normal growth of the eye corrects the issue. Modern technology such as laser surgery allows surgeons to cure this problem. However, senior citizens do not want to opt for corrective surgeries in the fear that a slight hitch during the surgical process might cause permanent loss of vision. The magnifying glass is an ideal solution for them. It provides a temporary solution by altering the focal point of the light as it passes through its lens so that it focuses directly on the retina instead of behind it, allowing the user to view close objects properly.

What about a long term solution

While the magnifying glass is ideal while searching for tiny objects that a person might have accidentally dropped on the bed, it is not suitable for extended usage, such as reading a book. Hands free magnifying glasses are ideal for such cases. They come in different shapes and sizes. A typical model consists of a square sheet of cellulose whose surface bulges outwards in the center, fixed on a frame with a strap around it. The user hangs puts the strap over and behind his head so that the cellulose sheet hangs parallel to the ground with the frame resting on the user’s chest. This allows him to read books and newspapers effortlessly.

Reading at night

Magnifying glass with light is the perfect solution for those who want to read at night. It consists of a circular lens set in a conical frame attached to a handle with a lamp at the end of the cone. The handle contains an apartment for storing batteries that supply power to the lamp. Pressing the toggle switch on the handle turns on the light. Pressing it again turns off the light.

Magnifying glass magic trick

Place a matchstick on a ceramic plate and place it in a sunlit area. Hold the magnifying glass above it and move it forward or backward until a bright dot of light focuses on the tip of the matchstick. If the sunshine is strong enough, the tip will burst into flame within a few seconds.

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