The Magnifying Glass — A Boon For Vision Impaired Senior Citizens

magnifying glasses on a writing background

The visual capabilities of the eyes deteriorate with age. While nearsightedness (myopia) is not so common, farsightedness (hyperopia) affects people from the age of 40. Individuals suffering from this vision related problem face problems while viewing objects from close quarters. They also face problems while reading documents, particularly those printed with small type or while performing tasks like stitching or embroidering. Most people hate wearing spectacles, particularly females, since it spoils their appearance and because its bridge and nose pads leave a permanent impression on the bridge of their nose. They can maintain their looks as well as carry on with the above mentioned tasks with the help of a magnifier.

What about contact lenses

One might argue that those suffering from hyperopia can artificially improve their vision without hampering their looks by wearing suitably powered contact lenses. However, it requires time for an individual to get accustomed to them. Apart from them, these bits of powered plastic that fit over the pupil are fragile and fiddly to handle. If this is not enough, one might spend ages finding them if they drop it by mistake, since they suffer from nearsightedness. Apart from this, one has to maintain them properly by soaking them in a sterile solution. Not doing so can lead to buildup of debris and dust, which can cause infections of their eyes. On the contrary, the magnifier is easy to use and store.

Advantages galore

Magnifying glasses, particularly the magnifier card types are made from polyester sheets. Their small size (approximately the size of a standard business card) allows the user to store them in their purse or in their breast pockets. Unlike contact lenses, they are extremely cheap. Since they are set inside a plastic frame, there is no fear of them being exposed to rough surfaces and being scratched in the process… a typical problem faced by those who drop contact lenses accidentally. Contacts are costly and can burn a hole in your pocket if you need to replace them frequently as and when the power of your vision changes. There are no such issues with magnifying glasses since you can move them forwards or backwards to adjust their focal point.

Look before you buy

Search online. You will find a wide range of magnifying glasses to suit all types of requirements. Those who need to work at night without disturbing their partners can opt for reading magnifier with light. Also known as desk reading magnifier, they are ideal for reading and writing on a table or while using a computer. While searching online, check for magnifying glass hands free models. They allow you to relax in bed and read your favorite novel.

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