What Is Best For Examining Fine Details In Books Or Newspapers

814-mW0J8TL._SL1500_Only the naive will say that individuals, blessed with perfect eyesight, do not require a magnifying glass for fine details in books or newspapers. Even an air force fighter pilot, having a near vision of 20/40 in each eye individually with or without correction, requires them while plotting points in maps, reduced to a scale of 1:1,000,000 or more. These points represent the areas they plan to bomb during a raid. They have to plot these points with no margin for error because even a slight deviation might result in the bomb landing in a different place. They depend on an illuminated LED handheld magnifying glass for enlarging a portion of the map. The luminosity emitted by the light emitting diodes helps them to overcome visibility restrictions caused by shadows appearing on the map when the primary source of illumination in the room is behind them.

The general person

If a person with perfect eyesight requires a magnifying glass, one can well imagine problems faced by the public in general when trying to read fine print, especially those printed using text sizes of 4 points or less. Have you ever successfully read the fine print, like the terms and conditions of an insurance policy, without squinting or bringing the document close to your eyes? Chances are remote that you will be able to differentiate between 00000 and 000000 in such circumstances. This can lead to financial problems when you claim for compensation from the insuree and receive a sum of $100000 instead of $1000000 because you were unable to read the fine print properly before signing on the dotted line. Using a high powered magnifying glass prevents you from making such a mistake.

Read the composition carefully

Many people, in an attempt to save money, purchase cheaper alternatives of medicines. They do so by reading the generic composition of the costly drug and purchasing another drug, manufactured by a different company, which has a combination of the same ingredients but costs less. In most cases, the names of the ingredients are printed in extremely small type on the rear of the blister pack medicine packaging. Reading them with the naked eye is next to impossible. You can potentially end up purchasing a medicine whose composition is different from the one the physician prescribed. Even druggists seek the help of a magnifying glass to view and confirm the expiry date of a drug before selling it.

Miniature dictionaries and classified ads

Compositors use condensed and small fonts while composing classified ads for newspapers, since this helps them pack in maximum number of words per column centimeter. Miniature dictionaries, as their name suggests are printed with small type. Reading such text is virtually impossible unless you use a magnifying glass to optically enlarge the font. Instead of burdening yourself with a large reading glass, opt for an unbreakable magnifier card. You can easily carry them in your breast pocket since the magnifier card has the same dimension as that of a business card, and consists of a transparent convex polyester sheet embedded within a plastic frame.


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