The Importance of Choosing the Right Magnifier

When choosing your magnifier you have many things to consider to ensure you get the right one for your needs, currently in store we have a large variety of different ones that are used for different purposes, and this is growing everyday. I will explain to you which type is for which purpose so you […]

Having Fun with Your Magnifying Glass

Every person has done this once in their life and if they have not I make sure eventually they will, you just need to look on Instagram to see the countless images drifting about with individuals holding a magnifying glass in front of their face to provide themselves a large mouth. Its timeless, it’s something […]

People With Low Vision Using Magnifying Glass Set

Although hyperopia or farsightedness is typically genetic in nature, it also develops in adults as the lenses of their eyes age. Ailments such as eye tumors or retinopathy can also cause this problem. This problem restricts persons from viewing close objects properly, even though they can see distant objects clearly. Other issues Farsightedness also causes […]