Handheld Reading Magnifiers

Handheld magnifiers are the one of the simplest type of magnifiers to use and are also the most familiar. Nearly everyone has used a hand-held magnifier at some point in time.   The hand-held magnifier design involves a handle that is attached to a lens through which the user will view an object – whether […]

What Is Best For Examining Fine Details In Books Or Newspapers

Only the naive will say that individuals, blessed with perfect eyesight, do not require a magnifying glass for fine details in books or newspapers. Even an air force fighter pilot, having a near vision of 20/40 in each eye individually with or without correction, requires them while plotting points in maps, reduced to a scale […]

The Right Magnifiying Glass Makes Reading Easier

It seems as print is getting smaller and smaller these days. Newspaper advertisements, brochures and even online text can be microscopic, making it difficult to read without straining the eyes. A magnifying glass can do wonders when it comes to making it easy to read, and there are many great ones on the market that […]

Get The Best From Your Handheld Magnifying Glass with Lights

It is common for jewelers, specialists as well as top quality controllers to utilize magnifying glasses to enlarge the appearance of an object they are evaluating. At the house, people with close to vision problems have the ability to enhance their vision with a magnifier. With this, the text on a web page will seem […]